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Legend11 said:
superchunk said:
Well, I havn't played either, but this is what i would expect from what I have read about both.

Graphics = Bio
User Interface = MP3
Total Gametime = MP3
Multiplayer = Bio
Sound = Bio
Overall Score = Bio (MP3 will get knocked down due to wii biased, though it will be one of Wii's highest, if not highest rated games thus far)

Bioshock doesn't have multiplayer. Anyways about the supposed Wii bias, could someone explain to me why Zelda: Twilight Princess got a higher average review score than any 360 or PS3 game to date (excluding Bioshock's current average)? Were the biased reviewers sick during the month Twilight Princess was being reviewed?

I was under the impression that ever 360 game had to utilize Xbox Live and multiplayer?

 Zelda:TP did get really good reviews. However, there are sites that consitently rate any Wii game lower than anyone else. There has already been one thread that proved this. That is what will happen here, some good sites like IGN will rate MP3 very high, and then the a few will put it low due to lack of online or some other bs. This is why I think it's overall score will definately be less than Bio's. Regardless if one is actually better than the other. As I have not played either one, I don't know which is better. I bet I would like MP3 better, but ???