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ioi said: From Chart Track: Sony’s PS3 becomes the fastest selling home console in the UK, selling an estimated 165,000 units in its first two days of release, bettered only by its older handheld sibling the PSP which sold around 185,000. PS3 is the most expensive console to be released in the UK, launching at £424.99 with 22 games from 7 different publishers while PSP had 24 games available from 11 different publishers when it was released in September 2005. PS3 launch software registered almost 3 times more units than PS2, but with a similar software to hardware attachment rate of 1.65 compared to PS2’s 1.67.
Hmmm... another comparison between the PSP and PS3? Except that the PS3 hasn't quite been as successful? Surely Sony won't let itself get in the same position with the PS3 that it has with the PSP...

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