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roadkillers said: stof said: Those sound like some good improvements. Of course, I think we should still retain the right of instant perma bans for spammers and hate crimes. But so far I haven't seen very much of those. I'll gladly take up the head mod role. Send me a message to let me know exactly what that role entails. And after that, get back to working on ver 2.0!!! Head mod? Whats the difference from that and a regular?
That means you listen to stof, and stof listens to me. Seriously tho. ioi - Thanks for un-banning me. Version2.0 Try to put something in that removes posting access or something, but still let news be posted. As there has been so little news (both in the industry and here). I've been tempted to create a dummy account and just post news. It's been dead. I'll look into finding some news later tonight/tomorrow possibly. I've been spending ALOT of time lately out of the house so not much time on here actually. EDIT: And 2.0 needs quotes in quotes, or at least a divider in it. So if it is *quote* Kwaad said: Kwaad said this *quote* blahblah said: asdf */quote* */quote* It should be displayed
Kwaad said: Kwaad said this __________________ blahblah said: asdf
In a single quote box maybe? But none of the.
Kwaad said asdf said asdf says this. Kwaad says this.

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