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Sometimes, we need to support our common gaming goal: a world in which both high-budget immersive games and causal games are sustainable, rising above petty HD-console politics.

At the start of the gen it was Wii60.  Let's combine with Wii to take down the PS3.  Now it is PS360.  Let's combine with PS3 to take down the Wii.  Seems Microsoft fans are ready to get into bed with anyone just to ensure they take down the top console. 


Microsoft allies with nobody. Variety proves that. I swear Microsoft Game Studios' mission statement is 'run Sony into the ground'. Doesn't it seem like they want the PS3 to do badly more than they want the 360 to do well? The HD console alliance only exists in the minds of the players. Besides, once the Wii was down, they'd be back at each other's throats.


If you listen closely around Sony HQ you can hear them praying for the wellbeing of Microsoft.

True story.

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