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Sorry I haven't had chance to reply yet, I have been busy working on ver 2.0 of the site and doing other site-related things. As far as kwaad is concerned, I think it was a little harsh to permaban him so the ban has been lifted. I am working on a "mod structure" for the future to help things run smoothly and allow mods to communicate and make a joint decision. There will be different levels of bans and from now on when a mod bans somebody they have to give a reason and a length of ban - in the thread in which the offender got banned. For a user simply being annoying or a conversation getting out of hand - a 2-3 day ban is appropriate to make sure they know their behaviour is unacceptable. Persistent behaviour will lead to a week long ban, a month long ban and if it continues then a permaban. As somebody said previously, the power to modify and delete posts is more than banning somebody really. We don't want to start blocking ip addresses unless we have to and we'd like to avoid users creating multiple accounts. From now on, any major decisions about disciplining a user will go through me (and really be open to a vote amongst mods). Small bans for obviously inappropriate behaviour is excluded from this. The best way to tackle any issues with bans and moderating is to stick to the rules to begin with and not let things get out of hand. In periods of my absence, stof has been selected as head moderator, and if he is happy to take this up then I may make the position permanent. I am also looking at selecting a couple more mods to join the team - exactly how this works and so on will be revealed in good time. Sorry if there seem to be a lot of unresolved issues at the moment - we are attempting to tie everything together with a big relaunch of the site in the next couple of weeks. There is still a lot of work to do behind the scenes but I will keep everyone updated so please be patient.