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I have already privately messaged roadkillers about some of these issues (mainly the banning of Kwaad), and I agree with pretty much everything he has written. The problem with banning, is that there is no easy way to stop someone from re-registering under a different name. So I would rather that person can continue posting under their original name - at least I know who it is I am talking to/about. It also makes the site seem more "casual" and less "nasty" to me. Perma-Banning should only be used in extreme cases - otherwise temporary bans (1 day-1 week), or even deletion of a users posts I think are better tools. The deletion of posts (I think) is a really good tool. People spend their time on here to give their opinions to others - and I think it would REALLY tick them off if their posts just started vanishing - hence its a good punishment. Better than banning (as they rejoin as a new user, and act as someone else to back their original arguments up). Anyway - my thoughts. I really don't want to see this site get too nasty, protective or anal (unlike another site I used to frequent :P). PS: as much as I disagree with much that he said, I *miss* Kwaad. He added personality to this site, and I think it is a poorer place without him. EDIT: If there *is* an easy way to stop (100%) people from re-registering when banned, I may change my opinion on some of the above. But I don't think there is??

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