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Im not sure if all this still applies since I've been gone for a while but here we go: 1. Moderator banning mods- Once I became a mod I realised that you could ban other mods. Yes I know this isnt a big problem but what if a moderator dislikes another mod or they get into an arguement about something and ones just desides to ban someone? 2. Moderator forum- I dont know about anyone else but I think this would help the site out a lot. Like the mods and only the mods could go to this forum to talk about stuff and the regular people wouldnt know about it. Like if some guy was doing something that was causing people to complain we could talk about it and maybe banning him. 3. Banning anyone- This is being brought up because of what happened to Kwaad and maybe its just me but I dont think he deserved to be banned. Yes maybe suspended from posting for a couple of days but not banned. So I think that us mods shouldnt have the ability to just ban people. I think it should be like we file a report on the guy and he is not allowed to post until the admin see's the report and picks what to do if its banning him, suspending him, or just letting him go. Well Here are some of my thoughts.