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In the long run, sex sells.

THQ hired Tera Patrick for promoting Saints Row 2, and who's shitting on their parade? And as it's been stated before in this thread, it's not like we haven't seen the "ideal" masculine male with huge pecs and biceps punching the crap out of everything that stands in his way.

Videogames are fantasy, fiction. Unless you're a World War II game, in which case you don't see your scantily clad ladies nor humongous steroid dudes.

It's just gaming. There's worse crap going on in movies and film. I had a rant about games and sex during a recent show, about Grace Kim (former Activision PR Lead) posing in PlayBoy. Sex, sexy, sensuality, lust nudity, it's all in games and used to tell stories. It's normal. The thing I hate is when people use games to sell the sex. As in this recent photoshoot.

People don't really care about Grace Kim, don't get me wrong she is beautiful and I'm sure she's a great soul. Plaster her on the cover of PlayBoy and people shrug their shoulders. Label her as the PR lead of a hot videogame company and a well known videogame, and you instantly have someone's attention, it got mine.

Like I said with Tera Patrick, booth babes, hell my site might even have our own "sexy model" soon, are all sex symbols to grab attention for a game. But that's not what the game is about. So my only issue is using/exploiting a game to sell the sex.