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Soulxxx said: vanguardian1 The PC version beating the PS3 version? I dunno.. I take it you're a PC gamer that bought a Wii for fun games. Understandable. But while you be buying new parts for your PC, I'm gonna enjoy my PS3 games that will ALWAYS run smoothly... elprincipe, A) I'm no Wii detractor. I don't detract it, I say what it is. It's not like I said "The Wii won't supply the fun you want!" I'm saying it won't give you enough of it to keep you going for 2 years. B) Sorry, but I don't think waving your arms around is a more realistic way of playing games then good graphics. It may be so for the first 3 hours of every game for 2 years, but in no way it beats better visuals in terms of realism. If the Wii had better graphics, I might call it a winner... but it doesn't so the Wiimote is pretty much useless in it's ultimate goal - make gameplay more fun than other consoles. I gotta go.. It's been fun talking to ya (despite what you probably think of me now) and I think I need to quit now before I lure in some potential killers... lol
Although I'm an all around gamer, I actually buy the fewest games on PC anymore, but if I had to chose, I'd still give up my consoles before my PC, I personally would lose far more if I were to give up my PC. And if something goes wrong with it, I can fix it myself. :) I have a ton of games that I'll never find on consoles installed on here like Civilization 4, Homeworld, and Total Annihilation (I'm waiting for Supreme Commander to fix a few more things) along with a few games that are, like Oblivion, Thief 3 and Unreal Tournament, and I'll gladly take a keyboard/mouse over a gamepad for these games anyday of the week. To me, consoles have their place, but replacing the PC is ridiculous. Outside of Metroid Prime, I've never enjoyed a FPS with a controller, it's a poor control scheme IMHO. After playing Zelda : Twilight Princess on the Wii-mote, I have no reason to use a gamecube controller for it, I *PERSONALLY* am far more effective with it in every aspect, especially swordplay. I died more in Windwaker than I did in Twilight Princess. ;) And as for Red Steel, my accuracy was far superior than anything I'd ever get with a conventional gamepad. This is of course my own experience, YMMV.

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