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Soulxxx said: Vienna, So you're just lucky, I see... ...And you don't play games on your PC yet you put out this big arguement that if you want to play a good looking game you have a PC for it. That's... weird. Cause it's like your saying "I don't want good looking games, I prefer games that have a poor lasting appeal and play them with my Wiimote". That's hardly next-gen...
...But just because the games aren't graphical, as long as their innovative are very fun. I prefer playing Civilization 2 over Civ 3. Civ 3 is more graphical, but I feel 2 has more intuitive gameplay. I play Chrono Trigger over FFVII due to a (IMO) better storyline. By saying Wii games have poor lasting appeal proves your ignorant. The control device doesn't change a games gameplay one bit. Zelda TP wasn't reduced it size due to the device. The mouse being used in tons of games never changed their replay value - neither will the Wiimote.
Buying a regular TV is the stupidest thing you can do ATM. If you buy a HD one (Not necessarily 46 inch..) you're at least opening up the possibility to ever own a PS3 and play games like you SHOULD play them. Or even get a 360 (Though not entirely HD). It's not like if you buy a HD tv you won't be able to play your Wii on it... ("Play your Wii on it" suddenly sounds so dirty.. lol)
Buying an HDTV doesn't open you up to a PS3 - it's only the other way around. I want an HDTV because of my 360. A normal person didn't think "oh, DVDs are out, I must buy a PS2!" I know many people that have HDTVs and don't care about video games in the least, nor the PS3s blu-ray ability. Just because the PS3 has Blu-Ray means nothing even if many HDTV owners minds, as it's still a gaming system that has the ability to play disks. And if it's anything like the PS2-DVD drive, I want nothing to do with it. Also, buying an SDTV is still a decent idea. Why? I can get a TV with twice the size for half the price. I'm not saying I'd want that, but if I didn't have the cash, I would. Thats kind of like saying "the PS3 has more power, you should buy it merely based on power" when some consumers don't really care. HDTV penetration at the rate of purchase has just finally overtaken SDTV sales. This shows that HDTV is only now slightly ready for the mainstream marketplace - and won't truely get to the point it needs to until a 32" HDTV is under $449 readily available.
The Wiimote is comparable with the Eyetoy indeed.. for the sole reason that they are a fad. People bought the Eyetoy, played with it, loved it, and forgot about it after 3 months of playing it. The same will happen with the Wiimote, people will be fed up from aiming at the screen moving their hands all around unless they have some good looking games.
I compare the Mouse to the Wiimote - theres a HUGE world of difference between an accessory and an integral part of the gaming hardware. Not everyone likes a mouse, but many still will have to use them for things. Using a mouse in RTS point-and-click games gets VERY annoying, but it still allows for a new way to play that makes me enjoy the mouse, regardless of the price I pay for it.
A guy plays Wiisports. 20 minutes in "This is fun!" 1 hour in "My hand hurts" 2 hours in the frustration begins "Stupid ball I wanted you to go there!! Not there! THERE!! AHHH!!", tears his hair and throws his nunchuk on the TV. Only the true fans will keep playing it but even they won't be able to endure the boredom that comes after 3 hours of the life-like bowling, arm killing boxing and whatever else you got on there.
And how much have you played with a Wiimote? Also, have you played a PC game that uses alot of mouse movement for 3+hrs? You get used to it! Also, in the consumers eye, I haven't seen much negative press on the Wiimote itself. It's been overwhelmingly positive. Therefore, its not entirely a fad. It might not be the thing every system has in 5 years, but its a very important part nontheless.

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