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In a perfect world every game would be great. Exceptional. I never wish a game to do bad, becuase in the end it only hurts me. The gamer that buys said game. Saying that, I probably won't buy Fable 2.

Fable 2 is getting very good reviews that fable 1 got. But I didn't enjoy the first game so much. Maybe it was overhyped and I expected too much, but for me it was OK. The whole every choice matters.... not really. Just adds points one way or the other, changes what you look like and how people react while you're around. idk. Wasn't my cup of tea. I guess.

I'm definitely the minority, but unless there's something else this game brings, that I don't know of, I won't buy it.

But great reviews so far. 90/100 average is fantastic.

Hopefully it sells well