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Godot said:
That AAA thing is bullshit. AAA is supposed to mean perfection, you know like 100% average. No game has that. A game with 90% shoud be a A game. Otherwise here's what you get for ranking:

AAA: 90+
AA: 80-90
A: 70-80
B: 60-70
C: 50-60
E (or F): below 40

That doesn't make sense. AAA is just a stupid buzz word that doesn't mean anything.


Disagree, in the sense that it has a historical use and development.  It may have changed over time, and people may disagree about it, but I think we generally have a sense that AAA games bring clout to a system...they are considered good games AND they sell a lot. 

Now.  STARCRAFT MADE UP THE IDEA THAT AAA MEANS 90% ON METACRITIC.  HE DID IT BECAUSE AT THE TIME 360, WHICH LAUNCHED A YEAR BEFORE PS3, HAD A MUCH MORE LOPSIDED ADVANTAGE THAN IT DOES NOW IN 90% RATED GAMES.  It will matter little because PS3 will end up with more 90% rated games than 360, period.  Toss out the online games and recognize that 360 has a number of lucky barely-hanging-in-with-a-90-flat games right now, and its nearly even already, despite the fact that PS3 has had so much less time to put out 90% rated games.