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pbroy said:

Nice score from 1up. I love the 1up Show.

100 1UP
Fable 2 is filled with more great ideas than the last 10 years of "Final Fantasy" combined.

I also like how users purposely try to give it a low score to bring down the average rating.. haha

Robert H. gave it a 2:
Give me Gears 2, dross like this is getting more wide spread on the 360! Its becoming a 2nd rate system thats selling well due to its low price, but its a budget machine, closed off system. Only one game worth playing on it and thats Gears.

No opinion about the actual game, I bet he didn't even play the game.

Haha, I just read that review and thought the same thing.  Thanks Robert H. for being a waste of air.  Good to see it got such good reviews so far.  You would think that all the 90s could actually stabilize it there for a bit if it did get under 90.  It just looked like it got way more > or equal to 90 than below it.


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