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OK, well I finally bought an Arcade. I really wasn't looking to get one but they dropped the price, include a game, are offering cheap hard drives, improved the experience, and are even offering a $30 off coupon (of course, shipping and taxes are free). I guess I'll spend $20 and get a hard drive. It looks like I'll buy The Orange Box for $20 this year and buy GTA4 as soon as I can get it for $20. I also plan to buy the 1st Geometry Wars. The only unreleased 360 games I'm highly interested in are the HD version of Street Fighter 2 and FF13. Other than that it will either be borrowing from friends, renting, or demos unless something amazing comes around.

This means I cannot get WiiFit or GH: WT this year :( I think it is worth it though as I'm more interested in GTA4 and the HD version of SFII, anyway.


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