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The problem with that way of looking at it Bonafide, is that consoles sales don't occur in a vaccum. Sure the PS3 has comparable sales to the 360 launch aligned, but date aligned it's no contest. Right now the 360 has a huge userbase advantage, which is important in that it dictates game sales and even game announcements. The 360's slow start was ok because it was the only guy on the field. It's slow start is behind it and it picked up steam in time for the competition. The PS3 is off to a slow start too, but it'll have a harder time gaining ground since the copetition already has more consoles on the ground, more interest in the system, a lower price and new game announcements all the time. As for the 200 more argument. Saying a system's sales are succesful considering the price really means that the system isn't successful because of the price. Not to mention that right now, Sony is in no place to offer a price cut. However Microsoft is.

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