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quaiky said:
typical korean mmo, sexy graphics especially in trailers, ingame the characters look ok. lots of character optimisations, but the gameplay is just a boring repetitive grind fest. usually nearly no quests and no real story just slaying hordes of mobs with near to no KI. plus an item shop for buying things for reallife money.

some people like it, but i prefer mmos that don't put all money in eye candy and add story and good gameplay as well.


 Thats how most korean MMORPG's are like but as you can clearly see this one "SEEMS" to be casting some distance, therefore that is good.

Also no MMORPG to date has run off the Unreal engine aswell as HD Graphics and Res so thats another thing(im fairly certain anyway...), which is why even more so it may come to the PS3, all wishful thinking but i mean i didnt think that marvel one would come but lo-and behold.