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DMeisterJ said:
Kane said:
DMeisterJ said:
Lots of people are too extreme in this thread.

PS3 sales are down the first full week of the 360 price drop, ZOMFG!!! Price cut PS3 is necessary!!!

No, calm down people. Let's wait a few weeks okay? Look at Japan? 360 is falling every week since it's price-drop high. Look at America? 360 is falling post-price drop also. If I were a predicting man, I would predict things back to normal LBP week, with PS3 beating 360 across all territories, but I'm not one, but things will be back to normal in a few weeks. Breathe, stretch, shake, and let it go.

do you know the word "shortages" or "selling out"

Yep, I also know people are really quick to use the term when their system of choice has an unexplainable drop in sales.  Usually it's accompanied with photo proof (anecdotal, of course) of a store or two with a sold-out sign, therefore making the system sold out.  Generally they are proven wrong in the coming weeks when sales stay on the same low trend, and they give up the fight when everyone moves on to another story, thus being able to make bold statements, be wrong, but not be proven wrong since no one has the time to follow that person around when they are proven wrong.  So yes, I am familiar with the terms, why?

that is your way of looking at it... but the low supply too japan has never been upped much so when it sells much inventory will disappear and shortages are the result =]