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thetonestarr said:

Growing up, I didn't own an NES. I had no Atari, and the Master System was nowhere to be found at my home.

But I was an extraordinarily avid videogamer.

Enter the PC. DOS gaming was the pinnacle of gaming to me. Commander Keen, Sim City 2000, Jill of the Jungle, Arkanoid, Prince of Persia, Star Goose, Wacky Wheels, Bio Menace, and many, many more. DOS games are where it's at. I owned 'em all.


I recently downloaded a torrent to recover all the dozens of old DOS games I used to own, and I got a frontend for DOSbox to make it easier to load 'em, so I'm getting back into all the great classics. =)



-What front end is this and where did you get it from? I'd like some way of making DOSbox easier to use becasue my DOS skills are very poor :(

OT:a few I liked:

Fragile Allegiance

Shadow Warrior


Duke Nukem 3D



So many great games


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