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What I see here is the classic case of well know franchise versus new kid on the block. It is not hard to go plop down 65 bucks on Fable 2 as it is a well known game with an easy to grasp concept. Little Big Planet on the other hand, is a brand new franchise, it is doing somthing completely new in the console gaming space, and many people have yet to come to a complete understanding of the Title.

Once we begin to see marketing pop up for these games then things will get interesting. If Sony plays it right and markets this game in collaberation with something that people can easly relate to, like coke or disney then this title should get off to a great start. If all the chatter so far over this game leads to good reviews, once people get their hands on it the word will start to spead. Once the fire starts, there is a good chance it will speard at brisk steady pace. This game also has something that could nock it into overdrive, but it is up to Sony to make sure this product hits the streets and explodes a new feel of community on PS3.

If Home launches along side Little Big Planet, we could be in for one wild ride. The hype inside home over this game could turn into a major news story. People buy LBP, go on Home talk it up, the ball blasts onto the mainstream press, and LBP turns in Wii for the PS3. Carzy thought? Sure as hell. Is it possible? We may never know, but should everything work as I believe Sony has it planned, then I think this is a very possible scenario.

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Kevyn B Grams