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I'm actually disappointed in the trailer.

The graphics are okay, I'm guessing has more to do with the low quality video then anything else. Lars looks like a joke, there's been some whacky characters in Tekken in the past, but this guy looks like a clown.

Also, disappointed by the ground breaking everytime a character falls over, what's up with that? The fact that there's no scarring or any lasting impact with all this crumbled earth flying about, doesn't feel next gen to me.

The new gameplay additions are also pretty meh, Tekken has always been a series to either not do what other fighting games have done OR implement mechanics that others copy. The two notable changes (items and customisation) are borrowed from other games and it feels un-necessary in any fighting game, but even more so for Tekken.

Unless this game pulls out something special upon release, it's a pass for me at the moment. I await the day when I can finally put down Tekken 3 and play another epic Tekken game (4 was average and 5 was good, but not 3 good).