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SickleSigh said:

It looks like they're trying to add elements of MK and SF into it. Guns, weapons, wands that turn you into a panda etc. Not sure how it will play out since Tekken was always a franchise that was meant to be somewhat based on realistic fighters. This game can either be really good or bad. I heard they added like 2 hit KO moves in it as well but they take a while to charge up. They also increased maximum health bars since characters do more damage.


dude the second game of the series featured a guy who could shoot a laser beam out of his forehead..  the third a mssive monster with a snake arm that spurred fire from it's mouth. And a small dinosaur who could do the same. Tekken 5 included Both a laser guy and a guy who shoots fire from a big mouth in his stomech. Not to mention tekken tag.....


but i see what you mean. Tekken is mostly about hand to hand combat In either case these are special items that you can use during a fight. They will cost to get and they will be crappy so don't worry about it. It's mostly for fun :P

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