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vlad321 said:
So from all these posts so far, apparently the game is nowhere near the same experience for everyone as I thought it would be. I did exactly what hsrob did the first time. Went in there like john Wayne, ran outta ammo and died. Second time thought I holed them all up at the entrance. No special cut-scenes no nothing. In fact my first meeting with the chainsaw was much much later, In the leader's house after Ada is first noticed.

On the other hand I never really figured out how to kill the garridors up until the very last encounter with them. Just shot at them randomly until they died, turns out it was much easier than that.


Did you figure out the trick with the bells?  Oh, and definitely HATE flash grenades


There were bells? I just stood near a wall, waited for them to charge me and curse the fact that there was no way to strafe in the game. I also didn't notice anything special about the flash grenades.... Used a whole lot of them in the part where I'm cages in with one of them as well as with a whole bunch of zealots (dear god was that part annoying, took me 2 tries then I died before I could save, rather ashley died). By far the toughes enemy I had to fight until I figured out wth I was supposed to do.

Anyone else find the regeneraors and Iron Maidens a joke? Scariest part was when I first encountered the Iron Maiden I was zoomed in with my rifle, and I was waiting behind a door. I was wondering when it would pass through the door since it kept getting closer and closer and I swore the door was much durther out. Didn't realize my mistake until I saw in IR its hands grabbing me....


 those enemies are simple to beat especially the maidens..

i had a similair wtf? moment too.. I dont like when i have to beat 3 huge chainsaw men at waterworld ( mercenary mode ) its instant death when they get near you.

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