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To be honest the game is soooo much deeper when you get into it. It seems like you can be easily fustrating and expected to much in the game. All games have trial n' error in them. But you should of taken your time with that part and explored around the village and killed a lot of zombies. There was no need to find things quickly and rushed for a quick cutscene to be done with it.

It sounds to me you completely want to find what all the hype is or your actually playing the game because of the hype. I played that part at the beginning I think I replayed it 4 times and then finally realized I had to explore around that area for a minute and then after about 15 or 20 minutes of zombie killing the bell rung and the zombies disappeared and moved on about their business.

Other than that just take your time and enjoy the experience. It lasts for about 15 hours or so. It's a awesome game. Just take your time and explore the environments and look for objects and items.