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NBD (Never Back Down) Sony Fans know that the PS3 is the king. Myself, I like to sit back and watch the wii60 fans gloat, because, in due time they all know that the PS will return to the top. Look we have some 360 fans and Nintendo fans slowly trying to be nice to Sony (You know who you are!) as the games are coming exclusive to ps3 (bummer about ff13 but I think ff13vs is going to be the magic game for fans).

Though, most people on this site love Nintendo due to coming first WW and it's cheaper. I question how many people have been Nintendo fans beforehand.

Anyways, Sony has the goods and I think it is great Sony is coming last for now. Sony can't relax and think its the king. Sony has to step up and take it's place as king - not assume that it will be. Sony works well under pressure and I think in the end Sony will win this war and the ps3 fans will reap alot of the rewards.

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End of 2011 Sales: Wii = 90mil, 360 = 61mil, PS3= 60mil