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FishyJoe said:
I think people are taking these systems wars way too personally. They are all just hunks of metal and plastic made by companies that only care about your money.


In the words of Joker:  "WHY SO SERIOUS!?"

But seriously, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony don't care about you, and you shouldn't care about them.  Unless you have stock in the big N, MS or SONY, why does anyone take stuff so personally.


I'm gonna throw Ubisoft in your face because you did say that, and you can't take back what was said.  So, to your whole "spoiled" argument, Ubisoft.  And I don't mean only you, I mean the Wii community at large.  Ubisoft and any other third-party developer who doesn't support the console Epic comes to mind.  You guys can't dish out and take it.  As soon as someone talks ish on your console, it's an automatic four-pager thread, cuz how dare someone talk down about the Wii!