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forevercloud3000 said:
LordTheNightKnight said:
All the shit you guys gave the other systems at the end of the 6th gen, and you are complaining about how you got it bad for one year?

I know the Microsoft fanboys can dumb, and the Nintendo fanboys can be immature, but you Sony fanboys are brats. You always complain about getting the same treatment you gave three times over.


I have never seen the amount of fanboyism that exists now in the 6th gen of gaming. This is all relatively new. The PS2 was such an overwhelming force that very little could be debated on it. The current gen consoles are much better formidable foes then those of old.


I'm not referring to the debate on the PS2. The context was obviously about the shit thrown at the other consoles at the time, but you obviously didn't see that, the same way you aren't seeing the other sides right now.

The PS3 is doing well, but you don't have reason to counter gloat, just based on one year of PS3 bashing, considering the Gamcbue and Xbox got four times that at least.

A flashy-first game is awesome when it comes out. A great-first game is awesome forever.

Plus, just for the hell of it: Kelly Brook at the 2008 BAFTAs