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forevercloud3000 said:
darthdevidem01 said:
I was never a SONY fan last gen.....became one in late 05 after finally dumping the terrible Gamecube & buying a PS2......only to find what brilliant games I had been missing out on.

So really I never felt the bad effects of the early PS3 days as I had suffered the same way during the GC era.....but now that PS3 (in a way GC never did) is picking up I can't help but be quite smug....


yes, but we must control these feelings as they might turn future console buyers off. Thats the last thing we want. lol

Most future buyers aren't around in forums.....don't worry.

Besides after we had to suffer the horrible Wii60 days lets enjoy now....atleast for 2 weeks as after 360 is $199....who knows what will happen


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