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Since Wii's launch in November: 360 NA sales: 2,297,250 Wii NA Sales: 2,107,500 For the last 4 months, the 360 has outsold the Wii. Now, the Wii is selling tremendously and recent trends favor it, but lets not start getting crazy here. The 360 is not going to fade any time soon and will likely get a good boost with an inevitable price cut this year. Both consoles are going to be strong in this market for a long time to come and realistically it would be quite some time before the Wii could pass up the 360. The biggest question will be whether the PS3 can even survive with both of the other companies providing such stiff competition. Many people are comparing marketshare to absolute numbers here and they are different. By its very nature, if the Wii and 360 continue to sell about evenly, the Wii will continue to gain marketshare since it started later. You could also argue this with the PS3, but as you can see, that would would be very deceiving since they are loosing major ground on the competition with each month that passes even though they are gaining marketshare. The generation is very young yet and many things are undecided. Worldwide obviously the 360 is much weaker and the Wii looks set to be the overall leader, but all in all, this generation will likely be a lot closer in terms of marketshare between the 3 companies than previous generations.