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Kwaad said: umm... ranzchic - my point is... 3rd party sony games do BETTER than Wii 3rd party... SAME GAME. Madden PS3 - 335,250 Madden Wii - 311,250 24,000 less copies. Why? The Wii has 1.9x more units sold?
Well 24000 copies isn't that much is it? I mean I still think that EA will make Madden 08 Wii right? (Even more important might be that Madden Wii actuly sold 8k more copies in feb than Madden PS3) Now look at Ubisoft: Two more or less exclusives: Rayman = 375 250. In USA alone. Red Steel = 335 500. In USA alone. Explain for me why Ubi should stop making Wii games? EDIT: CoD3 Wii = 251 250 CoD3 PS3 = 212 000 Wii is already selling enough to gain thired party support. Looking at total Software sales (from 3rd parties) the Wii is selling more than PS3. Of course Xbox360 is selling more but I think Wii is showing that 3rd parties can make a profit from the Wii.



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