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don`t care about my english as long as people undersstand me =) and well, english i need mostly for reading, so i don`t write much. hello from Lithuania, but geez, don`t think you even know where this country is. 1 mln? have you ever seen ingame trailers of crysis? i care about grahpics on third place, first is plot/story and second is gameplay. And well if people wouldn`t care they wouldn`t buy 4 mln. gears of war just for 6 hours of single player and 5 types of weapon, or maybe sometimes stupid AI of teammates. SEE YOURSELF: http://naughtydog.com/comingsoon/index.html http://www.n4g.com/M/8/Images//30000/30203.jpg http://www.n4g.com/M/8/Images//30000/30205.jpg http://www.n4g.com/M/8/Images//30000/30206.jpg http://www.n4g.com/M/8/Images//30000/30207.jpg YOU DON`T WANT THIS GAME?

Every 5 seconds on earth one child dies from hunger...

2009.04.30 - PS3 will OUTSELL x360 atleast by the middle of 2010. Japan+Europe > NA.

Gran Turismo 3 - 1,06 mln. in 3 weeks with around 4 mln. PS2 on the launch.
Gran Turismo 4 - 1,16 mln. with 18 mln. PS2 on the launch.

Final Fantasy X - around 2 mln. with 5 mln. PS2 on the launch.
Final Fantasy X-2 - 2.4 mln. with 12 mln. PS2 on the launch.


1.8 mln. PS3 today(2008.01.17) in Japan. Now(2009.04.30) 3.16 mln. PS3 were sold in Japan.
PS3 will reach 4 mln. in Japan by the end of 2009 with average weekly sales 25k.

PS3 may reach 5 mln. in Japan by the end of 2009 with average weekly sales 50k.
PS2 2001 vs PS3 2008 sales numbers =) + New games released in Japan by 2009 that passed 100k so far