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Erik Aston said: I wouldn't be at all surprised if they were making a big European push in March. Not so that people waiting for a PS3 buy a Wii--that doesn't make much sense. But just so that when sales figures come out, Nintendo can say that they held their own against the PS3 launch during their fourth month of release, to once again draw the PS3 into question.
well, Sorry to burst your bubble, but "sales figures" are more or less secret in Europe, at least in Germany, these are mainly guesses based on the sales numbers of certain stores, Even for countries itself these numbers are in general unreliable and if you try to add them up to get something , that would be pretty unreliable. And to be frankly France does not really bother how certain titles sale in Germany or Italy and vice versa. So companies normally don't compare their sales with the sales of other companies (they could claim different numbers) but instead tell you how satisfied they were with the sales.