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The only time it lost was when it was beat by NFL Quarterback Club '99  (was that only for N64 or total? I forget)


This is one of the legendary, most terrible things to happen to humanity since the Holy Roman Empire.

I will never ever understand why this piece of shit game was ever able to infest the videogame market in the early '90s with it's release in '91.


Btw, WTF is all this 20 year BS, it's been 18 years, can't these people count!  Their Marketing people must be as stupid as their programming people.  

Year after year they drum out the same tired old trash, usually maintaining the same glitches and logic errors.  The best player I have personally met of the series is my downsyndrome cousin.  He cant get off level 1-1 in Mario, or progress an any other game but he can win in Madden '97 on Playstation every time.  I am happy there is something that is on his level that he can play, but it paralyses me mentally to try to comprehend that this outsells all other sports games.  Particularily the vastly superior SEGA line.  Sure some years it may have been better than 989 sports, but thats it.


This game was the first to boost sales to cater to non gamers (significantly) and I blame it along with Tony Hawk for allowing shit games to saturate our market.

Who is with me in hating EA for unleashing this on us, and this series in general!

"Let justice be done though the heavens fall." - Jim Garrison

"Ask not your horse, if ye should ride into battle" - myself