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Looking forward to it stickball. I generally agree with most of what you say. I'm honestly surprised no one has said I'm completely full of shit yet. I do think some trends are going unnoticed. 360 is doing better in Japan than Xbox. Wii is doing better than Gamecube and Nintendo 64 in both the Americas and Japan. PS3 is selling very well for the price I think. But it is just so expensive, that even after round one of price dropping I don't see it reaching mass-market pricing. I think Wii could be $120 in 18 months. With that kind of pricing verse the PS3 selling at $400 or $500 in 2008, it really would be impressive if Sony sold 20 million PS3's in the Americas. The other thing is, since there are only three pools of developers, I think many Japanese developers will focus on Wii because it seems like that will be the region it locks up first. I mean the Wii lead over PS3 in Japan is larger than the Wii lead over PS3 in the USA, even though Japan has something like 40% the US population (this accounts too for Japanese sales data including sales upto March 11, not March 3 like NPD data)

People are difficult to govern because they have too much knowledge.

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