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fabinou said: As you know Wii sells are slowing down in japan since 2 or 3 weeks (about 50K a week). And according itracker.com, the national avaibility of Wii in USA is near of one pour cent, since few days.... Do you think it's possible than Nintendo decides to shipped to Europe a great part of new manufactured Wii, in order to sells more Wii before the PS3 release ? So maybe the officialy charts of march will be very desappointed for Wii (only 150 or 200 K) ?
Why? Do you know how costly the ps3 is? I don't think shipping new wiis there will matter much, the people who want a PS3 will buy one no matter how many wiis are around. It maybe a little late for that now anyway as the PS3 comes out there this friday I think. As for march sales? I can only hope they are that low, but my guess is 300 to 350k, in that range and will not drop below until june.