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Roma said:
famousringo said:
MontanaHatchet said:
Who are you trying to convince with this? Did you just feel like writing a nice little essay, or did you actually think you would change the mind of some detractors? Or did you just want some high fives from other Nintendo fans?

No, I really am curious why people bother writing things like this.


He's trying to share a perspective which few people on this site have, because not many of us were around for the second gen crash. Even though the rise of the NES coincided with my childhood, I sure wasn't paying attention to the impact of the NES on the broader market at the time, or how the "old guard" gamers reacted to the system. I was too busy trying to visit my friend's house because he had an NES.

Really? I didn’t know it was the second crash when was the first?

He said second gen crash.