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famousringo said:

What website was it that has a FE:RD review where the author prefaced her review with a paragraph talking about how much she hated SRPGs?

Oh, here it is. Destructoid:

I hate tactical games. I hate strategy games, real-time strategy games, and tactical RPGs. I would rather drive screws into my nostrils with the business end of a power drill and, of course, apply a nail gun to my eyes than play a tactics title.


All in all, it’s kind of a crummy package, I think – but I’ve the sneaking suspicion fans of the Fire Emblem series, or those who love a real tactical challenge, might adore it. The plot’s weak, the characters blab on too much, and the whole deal’s very last-gen, but for the truly dedicated, it’s playable, I guess. Rent it if you're a tactical geek -- everyone else should forget it.


Hilarious from the first sentence where she makes it clear that she hates this game before opening it to the last where she suggests that "tactical geeks" should rent this game which will take them 40+ hours to complete.

Game reviewers have been in question for a while since they sometimes hire idiots like these to review a game