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- I saw a couple reviews that said the game had a terrible story. For them to go out of their way to say the game had a terrible story is beyond me. Either they never played PoR, or they didn't get very far in RD to really see things fleshed out. I don't feel that they genuinely thought the story sucked.

- They bitched about it looking like a Cube game.  I was actually quite pleased with the games presentation; particularly the improved battle animations.

- They bitched even louder about it being too hard.  Pussies.

This is what happens when you get Fire Emblem noobs reviewing a Fire Emblem game. The 1up review was penned by a Fire Emblem fan, and look how great it scored. Bozon on IGN rated lower than it deserved simply because it didn't have waggle, which is a contradiction to their stance on games that use waggle in place of a button press. In any event, FE was such an awesome game.