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kber81 said:
Dolla Dolla said:
So, I should ignore the thread just like those watching Amazon ignore reality?

Reality? What is so damn far from reality in numbers? If I will tell you that this week amazon moved 3k units I mean only that. No magic. No high hopes. Just numbers.

kber81, be honest. Although you may want to simply track sales numbers, and I think it would be nice to be able to reliably track sales from a website such as Amazon, this thread isn't about that. This is an Amazon watch thread on positions. If Amazon was reliable, we'd have people watching the Wii SKU and the 360 SKU's. But it's been shown time and time and time again that it just isn't reliable, especially for counting sales.

But, since my posts are probably branding me as anti-sony or pro-360 or pro-wii, I'll probably just sit back and watch those clambering to make Amazon mean something significant.