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I'm laughing at all the posts that say Wii can't beat XBox 360 this year. LAUGHING! Have you people been paying attention to these charts? If VGCharts.org's figures are correct, Wii is gonna pass XBox 360 within the SUMMER! YES! They will surpass XBox 360 by the summer. XBox 360 has been at that 9 million mark for a while now while Wii seems to move a million a month! In the Americas figures alone Wii is between the 1/3 & 1/2 mark of all XBox 360 sales. Practically 40% of XBox 360's sales right NOW. Do the math: 40% of 5.82 = 2.328 or 5.82 X .40 = 2.328 ~> 2.33 (rounded off) 40% of 5.82 million is roughly 2.33 million Wii has 2.29 million. Do you see how close that is? Wii is on its way to not only SHIPPING 6 million worldwide by March but SELLING 6 million by March according to the charts VGCharts.org put together. April, May, June at a million a month and Wii will be breathing down the neck of Microsoft's Green & White baby. Within that summer whatever worldwide amount XBox 360 has sold (not shipped; as sold is the only thing that really matters) will be SURPASSED! And that will probably be in the 10 million range. And the sad thing is that it would have taken the 360 about a year & a half (18 months) to sell in the 10 million range while it took the Wii 8 months to do the same. A little less than HALF the time. And all this with a STILL low supply in the stores. All these months and we're STILL at practically launch fever??? Can you imagine when supply finally picks up and people are more easily able to pick a machine up? Wii's sales are limited to availability because demand is insane! People are buying this machine for their offices for God's sake! I just talked to a friend online who said that where she worked they are about to install a Wii. Sports bars adding Wiis & all this kind of stuff. More than just homes are buying Wiis now. The old system sellers are gonna be outclassed. Nintendo has redefined system sellers. Wii Sports, Wii Play & the rest of games like that move systems now. Halo 3 & MGS4 & FF XIII will sell but they are not the lynchpins they once were. And that is because the audience who would play those games vs. the audience who will play those Wii type games will be vastly different & that there is more audience for the Wii types. I have a 43-year old cousin who had no interest whatsoever in videogames since the beginning now actually wanting a Wii. Wii Sports interests him especially Wii Bowling since he's a bowler & when I told him Wii Play had billiards or pool his interest perked up even more. People are seriously underestimating this type of audience bringing in the numbers for Wii. In fact Wii has been underestimated on every level & THAT will be the mistake that will haunt the competition & the naysayers. It was played that way on purpose and we are seeing the results on the sales charts. I mean once Super Mario Galaxy comes out this holiday season & Nintendo unveils their full online playable titles we will be seeing NEW shortages & sellouts that will make Wii's representation on the charts baffling dumbfounding to disbelief! I predict by end of year we'll be seeing Wii be on its way to that 20 million mark probably even passed that. That is not hyperbole. Half a year they sell 10 million so why do you think the other half they can't sell 10 million? You know holiday sales give a little more oomph than rest of year, right? It's just 4 measly months and Wii is about to sell 6 million. Nobody in their right mind can look at this figure and see the Wii falling off. If so it's just blind hope & irrational disbelief in the legitmacy of the Wii console. Nintendo counts on being counted out. That's where they hurt you the most. But in the end sooner or later people are gonna recognize Wii as a force to be reckoned with. The Revolution they promised with this system is happening before your very eyes ready or not. The WiiDS Phenomenon http://www.popzart.com/viewtopic.php?topic=514 John Lucas

Words from the Official VGChartz Idiot