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ckmlb said:

1. If you think that way then do you expect SMG not to be good since Mario Sunshine wasn't as good as Mario 64?

2. That doesn't make any sense.... also SC III was released on 1 system versus 3 so sales were effected by that. I didn't know sales were the absolute reference of how good a game is...

3. Bottom line is you didn't say it wasn't as good as other SC games you said it was a dying franchise and generally dubbed it a crappy game, right after wanting it on your system before.

4. I think your intentions are clear. 


1. Not really, Everyone can agree Sunshine was an isolated incident in that it was the first main series Mario not worked on by Miyamoto. It's an outlier, not a rule by which to deduce a trend in future games especially when the uniqe set of circumstances that resulted in it are no longer the means by which the next game is to be made.

2. You're jumping all over the place here, calmn down. Soul Calibur 2 for the PS2 sold better than Soul Calibur 3 so your logic is debunked. And no one said sales were the absolute reference of how good a game is, but they are the closest thing we have to determining such or at the very least, the games success. You are the one who keeps insisting there is any means by witch to measure the subjective ideal of a game's absolute value, not I, please stop putting your words in other people's mouths in trying to derail their statements.

3. It was your assumption, not my words, that I was saying: "it was a crappy game". I never said such a thing, I've always thought the series stayed strong, but there is no denying the declining status of the franchise given its sales. Again, you jumping to conclusions and putting words in other people's mouths.

4. As is your paranoya and hyper-sensitivity to anything remotely anti-Sony. When I first came to this forum you were a cool and reserved advocate of logic and concise debating... Now you're reduced to this...