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Gballzack said:
ckmlb said:
Gballzack said:
wow, the sony fanboys are getting desperate. Since SH2 was the last worthwhile SH game, I don't see a loss in not getting SH5 or Origins. Typical settup thread from Blue 3 I suppose.

Not surprising after you wanted SC IV on Wii very badly then when it was announced as PS3 and 360 only you proceeded to bash it and say it was a franchise in decline and whatnot.

Fanboys can't tolereate any games on consoles they don't worhip no matter how good they are.

I naturally want as many games as possible to be on the Wii, but owning all four SH games, I can attest to SH2 being the last good one, I'm sorry you feel it is some sort of excuse, but sales will speak to this point as well.

SC never stopped being a good series, its sales just declined, and that was the point I was making there. Sorry you feel this is some sort of conspiracy theory.


If you think that way then do you expect SMG not to be good since Mario Sunshine wasn't as good as Mario 64?

That doesn't make any sense.... also SC III was released on 1 system versus 3 so sales were effected by that. I didn't know sales were the absolute reference of how good a game is...

Bottom line is you didn't say it wasn't as good as other SC games you said it was a dying franchise and generally dubbed it a crappy game, right after wanting it on your system before.

I think your intentions are clear. 


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