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omgwtfbbq said:
RolStoppable said:

It's not just any handheld game, it's Dragon Quest 9, the sequel to the best selling series in Japan. As Bodhesatva has pointed out in another thread only 3 games ever in Japan managed to outsell a Dragon Quest game of the main series (Super Mario Bros, SMB3, Super Mario Kart).

Also, DQ9 is coming for a platform that is hot (DS), while FF13 and Vs. are coming to a platform that is not (PS3).

What are you talking about Rol? Dragon Quest is not the best selling series in Japan. How could you put such a ridiculous claim on a website where the sales figures are accessible with a single click? Even it's number 2 spot is contentious, it only really makes it due to the volume of games sold. Final Fantasy doesn't even get a place.

The number one selling franchise in Japan is clearly Pokemon:


And of course, this goes to show that 1 handheld game could EASILY outhype FF13 and FF13Versus. If that handheld game was Pokemon. Dragon Quest IX will only SLIGHTLY outhype FF13 and FF13Versus.

Sorry, my post missed an essential part.

On the consoles DQ games were released on they were always the top selling games in Japan, only the three mentioned games mentioned to beat a DQ game in sales on their respective platforms.

A single sentence is missing and causes my previous post to be complete nonsens.

EDIT: Checking the link you posted, I have either missread Bod's post in the other thread or he missed something. Anyway, I better do the research myself next time and don't rely on others without checking the facts.

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