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Stats87 said:
Luppien said:
i think you verry much overrate the ff XIII spin-offs. I think xbox users will propably look to the last renmant,star ocean or other rpgs :)


Final Fantasy Versus XIII is not a Spin-Off

it is just two different Director's who wanted to each make their own vision of FFXIII.


That's exactly right. The TC has inadvertantly owned Sony fanboys.

That said, to the casual audience, FFV13 WILL be viewed as a spinoff.

So it's a safe bet that Square gave the FFXIII name to the team they thought would do the best job.

Despite what could be the excellence of Verses, in all likelyhood it will sell very poorly compared to XIII.


That just shows you how important a name can be.

Also, I am not a huge KH fan, and I believe XIII to be the more traditional experience of the two games just based off assumptions. Therefore, I'm more excited about XIII, because imo, Verses has been really low profile, and there must be some reason behind that.


I would assume the XIII is going to be AAA. I can't make that same assumption about Verses for those same reasons. I can't go into more detail if you'd like.

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