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Has anyone else truely thought of this? How it is infact a poison pill for the Xbox to have Final Fantasy 13 multi-platform...?

Allow me to explain; just ask yourself how many X-Box owners are going to buy the game. I read some of the threads and many X-Box are prediction 3-4mil sold at worst. I would not be surprised if some would predict more... but problem is that FF XIII is not going to be just one game. It is likely to have several spin-offs.

What are the people who bought the FF XIII game on the XBox going to do after having played the game and suddenly realise that there is more of it but only available on the PS3? The truth is... if reports are to be believed, some of the other games are even better than initial core.

This is a poison pill for the XBox. Just imagine if someone told you, Halo 4 was going to be multi-platform but PS3 owners will only be able to play the initial core, 20% while the rest will be released exclusively for the X-Box. FF XIII core will have an independant storyline but the other games will be set in the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe aswell.


oh well... just food for thought... one could be tempted to say, that as an x-box owners, one should not even buy the game and simply not get interested in the series.

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