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General gaming discussion- news, rumours, screenshots, release dates and all other game-related posts in here
Last topic: Im just gonna leave my new FFXV signature here...good day to you.

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Nintendo hardware new and old, latest games, Mario, Zelda, Metroid
Last topic: Nintendo is bragging about their high quality games :P

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The Playstation lounge. Discuss the PS1 / PS2 / PS3 / PSP
Last topic: Sony's retail games are on fire!

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PC Games, hardware, online meetups
Last topic: Building a PC, Thoughts about this Specs

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iOS, Android, Windows... All here.
Last topic: Mevius Final Fantasy announced - Kitase/Nojima/Itahana - new scans!

MMO Discussion

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Discussion about the latest or greatest MMOs happens here.
Last topic: Official FINAL FANTASY XIV Thread - New Race, and Jobs! Alexander! Machinist! Astrologist!

Online Gaming

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The place for gaming with your VGC friends. Gamerscore, Trophy and online Leagues.
Last topic: VGChartz Playstation Trophy League

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Discussions based on specific games
Last topic: Best graphics on any console?

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Discuss the latest sales charts in here
Last topic: Global Hardware Up 6 December 2014

Sales Discussion

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Japan, North America, Worldwide sales - press releases, predictions all in here
Last topic: Wii U beaten by the Dreamcast - what now?

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Important network news and announcements are posted here.
Last topic: [Staff] Game Wall Update and Other Shenanigans

Website Issues

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Website issues. Report problems and bugs with the site, tell us what you like and don't like and suggest improvements.
Last topic: Website Issue list 2014

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Have feedback? Tell us what you like, don't like, and suggest improvements.
Last topic: The Mod Team: Questions, Comments, Concerns? Ask Here!

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New members and long time lurkers can introduce themselves in here
Last topic: "Newcomer's Introduction Thread"

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Non-gaming chatter - music, films and anything else you want to talk about in here...
Last topic: World War 3 coming? US. provoking Russia on a daily basis.

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Be it Zombie Horror or RomCom... Horror, this is the place for movie threads.
Last topic: Dancing Salsa Dog(dance doggie!)

Music Discussion

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The home away from home for those with an unhealthy obsession for Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift and the like
Last topic: Rate the song above you !

Sports Discussion

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Handegg vs. football, the debate rolls on...
Last topic: The Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Politics Discussion

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Left v Right - thrash it out in here.
Last topic: President Obama chastises Sony over cancelling of 'The Interview'

NSFW Discussion

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All 'Not Safe For Work' material should be posted here. Normal rules still apply!
Last topic: Offical NSFW Anime Thread! - Christmas/Winter Month!