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twintail said:
I dunno. The business decision behind this is both sound and not. Definitely opens their user base, though places questions on 3rd party exclusives and could affect the PS hardware brand.
Curious to see how Sony goes about this wth their more important IP, if this true.

As iv been stating many times. Sometimes companies have to take a hit with console hardware to gain a bigger audience and profits. Brands wont do this if that wasnt the case. MS saw the light many years ago.

Sounds like a good move if they indeed plan to release Horizon 2 close to PS5 launch. I'm guessing that at least.

Its not the worst move for the PS brand, considering Sony is already putting high profile PS4 exclusives on PS Now, and the generation is winding down.

Is this via the Sony digital store?

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I don't like to doubt Jason, but this is still one of those rumors that seems so strange to me. I can think of one good reason for it to happen, but definitely more for why it doesn't make much sense...

Reasons It Could Happen:

1) Both Horizon: Zero Dawn and Death Stranding run on the Decima Engine. Kojima Productions made a lot of enhancements to the Decima Engine on their work with Death Stranding, and shared all of those improvements back to the engine's creator Guerrilla Games. Those improvements would include building-in native support for a PC port - so from a technology standpoint, Kojima Productions has already done most of the legwork for Guerrilla Games to port Horizon over to the PC platform.

Reasons Why It Won't Happen:

1) All that being said, Kojima Productions is a WHOLLY INDEPENDENT studio - they are NOT owned by Sony. Sony is simply the exclusive console publisher for Death Stranding. The Death Stranding IP and game are wholly owned by Kojima Productions, and of course they can do with it what they want. And it was always in the plan, from day one, for Death Stranding to come to the PC as well as the PS4.

2) Guerilla Games IS owned by Sony. They are what you call a first-party studio. They cannot simply port their game to PC, unless Sony asked them to...

3) ... which brings me to why would Sony ask them to. Even with Kojima dong the heavy lifting on getting it running on the DX12 API, different Intel/AMD processors, etc., it would still take some engineering work for Guerrilla and why would they put that time/effort into getting a 3-year old PS4 game out on the PC now? Unless as others suggested, and Sony plans to do this for all games going forward, I just don't understand the business sense in it.

Cerebralbore101 said:
Well that sinks it for me. I won't be buying a PS5 since all the exclusives are likely coming to PC, even if it is 2-3 years later. Other PS titles have come to PC, but not titles that Sony fully owned. This is a huge change for the company, and signals that they are going to go the MS route of not caring how many consoles they sell, and just pushing services.

This is pretty sad, because consoles had at least one or two more good generations in them. With both Sony and MS pretty much waving the white flag to streaming, and PC, it's a foregone conclusion that PS5 + XB1SX won't sell a combined 115 million units.

Modern Non-Nintendo game consoles are basically little more than machines for casuals now. There's absolutely no reason to buy a Sony or MS next gen console. PC is just better.

I dont see this having a huge impact on sales. Consoles target a more casual audience than PC gamers. I expect next gen consoles to sell the same as the PS4/XBO combined even with PS and MS games on PC.

Well if Jason Schreier says so, you better believe it

If it's true you guys should grab it asap, the game is amazing.

We are living on weird dimension and weird timeline. I bet  this is just the continuation to PSnow . PSnow will be like gamepass where old games can be playable on cloud and download to PC or Playstation platform. I bet this is counter strategy to Microsoft game pass plan 

That's why this guy knew what is coming. He must be super legit and close to Sony head management. Or just plain smart and genius.   

I wonder what is the minimum spec for the games ???

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