The NFL Thread 2019, Week 6: Texans Knock Off Chiefs, Vikings Trounce Eagles, Cowboys Lose Third Straight

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MTZehvor said:
Snoopy said:

My bets will come through I tell ya.

By my count, you went 1-9 on opening games.

I really hope you're not betting too much money on this lol.

Nah, I only betted on two games. Cowboys and Chiefs. The other games I was just guessing at random right now because it is too close to call.

If you're ever losing sleep over buyer's regret, remember that you never paid 84mil to replace Case Keenum with Kirk Cousins.

I hate week 2. After the early games my tally for the week is 5-6 with a few toss-up games left to go.

The Packers game was... awful. The offense was clicking on all cylinders and jumped out to a 21-0 lead, then Cook broke through the lines for a 75 yard TD run to make it 21-7, then the Pack fumbled in field goal range and that was basically it after about 20 minutes into the game. The Vikings weren't much better, but their offense got at least something going as opposed to the Packers who kept punting with very few first downs inbetween. The defense saved the day with an endzone interception on a long pass and didn't get too tired despite only getting short breaks for the better part of the game. The Packers offense was only worth something on its final drive that started with three minutes left on the clock and three timeouts for the Vikings; Minnesota got the ball back with only five seconds on the clock and the desperation lateral-ing ended on the second lateral with an all too common fumble during such last gasp plays.

Positives: The Packers won 21-16 and the defense worked, unlike in previous years where it would fall apart in such games where the own offense treads water, especially against opposing offenses with notable big play potential as the Vikings have in Cook, Diggs and Thielen. The pressure got to Cousins often and his throws were inaccurate; the Packers defense could have got a couple more interceptions with fewer butterfingers. 2-0 against the own division is a great way to start the season.

Negatives: The offense's balance between running and passing looks okay in the stats, but it's not quite as balanced during the game where a bunch of passes take turns with a bunch of runs; Green Bay has two good RBs, so they should be trusted a little more. The TE position remains problematic because Jimmy Graham is all too often a good-for-nothing.

Weird stuff: The NFL schedule hands the Packers five home games during their first seven tilts of the season. Green Bay better build a cushion early to be able to afford a couple of losses down the stretch.

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I won both of my $100 bets today.

Looks like Adam Vinatieri will retire tomorrow easily the best field gold kicker of all time should be a first ballot hall of famer.

Dolphins providing 2 extra bye weeks to everyone in their division…..must be nice

Given how horrid the Fins and Jets are, safe to assume the Pats have a ticket to the playoffs.

Are the Dolphins the worse team in NFL history? Sure looking like it.

I get 5 games per week and unfortunately one of them was that Jets game, they look like the worst team in the NFL, and yet there is also the Dolphins...

The Jets at least have a somewhat respectable defense. Nothing about the dolphins is respectable lol