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Most Anticipated New Release of September

AI: The Somnium Files 13 1.05%
Borderlands 3 175 14.17%
Code Vein 71 5.75%
Daemon X Machina 111 8.99%
Gears 5 138 11.17%
Greedfall 51 4.13%
Grid 18 1.46%
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 510 41.30%
The Surge 2 13 1.05%
Nothing This Month 135 10.93%

Completely forgot Link's Awakening Remake comes out next month nnnnnn. Anyway, my answer to the thread is Link's Awakening.

I rather enjoyed 999 and VLR, and while ZTD was quite a step down in quality I'm still looking forward to AI: The Somnium Files. I liked the trailer I saw and the Psync system looks like it'll be quite interesting as we'll be seeing how events transpired through the lens and thoughts of someone else.

Catherine: Full Body for me personally, then Link's Awakening.

Zelda of course. Can't wait!


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WTF? Not only do you not even have GOTY 2019 (FIFA 20) in the poll options, there's no "other" option either?

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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening > Borderlands 3 > Gears 5....

Gear's (of war) hype doesnt seem that big on here?

I'm voting for AI: The Somnium Files to show my support, but I'm still immensly eager to pick Daemon x Machina and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening this month !

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Gears 5 and borderlands 3. I'm pumped for Gears 5! I will likely not being buying Borderlands 3 right at launch.

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Dragon Quest XI S of couse.

And of course, it's not listed...