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lol yer ill need it they stopped responding now. this their stupid faqs is the answer. there is no answer to immediate fix.

the other issue here is they treat you guilty and strike without reason. You would think evidence be needed to justify a report.

All this does is open floodgates to trolls and scammers to do this to anyone. Your record means nothing to them. 7 years not one bleep and suddenly you are the bad guy?

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Its pointless to contact youtube for this copyright claims its a well know problem on youtube, even bigger youtuber have suffered due to this but still youtube has no way to protect its creator against this fraud copy right strikes.. the only right path right now is to get hold of them on twitter @YTCreators @TeamYouTube and also tag some Big youtubers so that they could like or retweet your issue which will make those youtube handle not to give you automated response.

I had similar issue i did exactly what i mentioned above and YT responded on twitter and my strike was revoked 


Well i done post that. Tagged @TeamYoutube and they said send a printscreen then they sent a standard response and ignore. Haven't tagged big YouTubers as I have no idea who most are  and of them experienced this issue or would care to retweet lol. 



It seems the company that put you into a strike is an automated copyright protection company hired by YT to police their videos. Sadly, this means you might have to call them. Or visit their HQ or something to that effect. It's not going to be solved through the internet, that much I can tell you.

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    the system right now there is completely fucked, it's pretty much a joke that companies get 100% of the cash from channels most watched videos because they claim that less than 1% of the video might belong to them and fair use is completely gone from the platform, there is no such thing anymore with the content ID system, you can't dispute why you are using the content... it's just struck instantly, I'm just grateful that we had things like the Nostalgia critic when youtube did allow that sort of channel being there but now I feel bad when I think about some of the older videos that I enjoyed but now think back to which shitty company is claiming ad revenue because they might have included a 5 second clip of some old movie in a 30 minute video.

    Given the fact that the content id system can see which portions of the video features content being id'd then if it's a 20minute video with a 10 second portion which is copyright material then I'd be fine with 1/120th of the revenue going to the company as that's the % of the video they're responsible for.

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    Thing is I don't care about money from YouTube lol. They can keep their crappy monitization. I disable ads during live events. Don't care about the few extra bux.

    I make my money on my own site, and stream on YouTube because they store files indefinitely.

    What annoys me is that that the strike I have is supposedly done manually by someone one and has cause my live services to be disabled. When you look up this company, they are a bitch to everyone. Even over 10000 people signed a petition about them.

    How can YouTube system even allow a scheduled event to be copyrighted? There is no content to copyright claim on. When can you copyright nothing? . Surely they can tell the file on the server is 0KB in size, therefore nothing to copyright?

    What is annoying they keep pointing to their website, which states “After we process your counter notification by forwarding it to the claimant, the claimant has 10 business days to provide us with evidence that they have initiated a court action to keep the content down”.

    Now what happens if they file something? What country do they file this in? Is that country corrupt? How do they prove its a legitimate court action?



    Well fuck they have all these people to fucking send you the same shit over and over but can't be fucked to even resolve the matter

    Anyone think this is a bad idea lol? Tweeting...
    @realDonaldTrump here is a joke for you? what does #YouTube and the #Democrats have in common? Both treat you Guilty until proven innocent.

    At least he has followers lol.