HDR is mind blowing, next level stuff for games.

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Which would you prefer if pushed.

HDR. 21 60.00%
Ray tracing. 7 20.00%
Neither/other in comments. 7 20.00%
ClassicGamingWizzz said:
HDR os the most overhype shit on gaming, its 3D ir ver but way worse

Must be something wrong with your eyeballs, :D. Nah, seriously though, I get where you are coming from, it took me ages to see it's value, like at least a month of using it. It's like when people said they see no difference in 480p ans 1080p back in the day or how people say 30fps is no different than 60fps. I believe HDR when used right is an even bigger jump for games than 1080p to 4k. When you see it down correctly and your TV has proper HDR and your contrast settings or HDMI cable aren't hindering it, it changes a games lighting entirely, Sony Santa Monica, Polyphony and Guerilla Games all show how HdR can be implemented to make a generation looking difference. I don't think many other devs are taking full advantage of it. Hopefully it'll be standard on the PS5 as it's hard to go back to shitty narrow light and colour where everything is washed out, 8 bit colour is a bottle neck at the moment for graphics as lighting can only flesh out so much detail. 

Spindel said:
I can’t speak for gaming, but for movies HDR is more important than 4K (4K being totally unimportant on my main TV at my normal viewing distance, since no one will know if they are watching a 1080p feed or a 4K feed (heck I think hardly anyone would see the difference between 720p and 4K). Its 65” at roughly 3 m for reference).

I'd recommend Polar on netflix, it uses it incredibly. The film is okay but the visuals are brilliant. 

SvennoJ said:
HDR makes a huge difference. This week Mount Panorma is one of the weekly sport races on GT Sport, at night time setting. On my 1080p tv you get blinded every time the car in front kicks up a cloud of dust and it's hard to make out the numbers on the distance markers. In HDR you can perfectly see through the fog due to the expanded contrast range and the numbers on distance markers are always clearly visible. Besides that, it looks amazing at night while without HDR it looks fake like any other game trying to simulate night time.

The benefits are less obvious during day time settings, unless you enjoy looking at the sky. Going in and out of tunnels is a lot less disorienting with HDR. It's a shame RDR2 didn't have HDR, it would have done wonders for the dynamic weather system and night would actually look like night.

God of war looks really nice as well in HDR and expanded color, really nice reds in the lava stages. It makes a huge difference in SotC remake as well. Some screenshots I took are completely ruined by the SDR conversion, can't even see what I was taking a picture of. Spiderman same thing, crawling through the dark vents on my old Plasma, can hardly see where I'm going, keep turning in circles. No problem with HDR.

Have you tried the new Stage X in GT sport at nigt? It's like it was made to showcase VR, every detail is upped with HdR on and the stage looks like a Ps3 game when you turn it off. I'll have a try of MT. panarmo and I'm thinking about buying SoTC for the HDR as Trico sucks balls in TLG. Cheers for the tip. 

Oh and btw, You are the one that peaked my interest in HDR enough to buy it, even having seen it myself alread it was your descriptions that and accounts of it that finally pushed me to upgrade to 4k, HDR. Really appreciated, it's blowing my mind. 

HDR is more important for console gaming, but ray tracing will likely be more important for the future of graphics in general.
When HDR is implemented correctly, it can make a huge difference in the quality of graphics. One of the best showcases for me is Shadow of the Colossus (remake).
However, since ray tracing is taxing on the strongest of PCs, I don't see its use catching mainstream gaming until the tech catches up to ray tracing.
But when light simulation is nearly life-like, it is a bigger game changer. Unfortunately, I've only seen it on Digital Foundry videos and other tech showcases, because I don't have the hardware to support it, and I don't see ray-tracing coming to the next generation of consoles, either.
HDR wins in the short term for me.

Perhaps it's my tv settings but HDR makes most games look worse. It's a Sony X800D 49 (XBR49X800D)

4 ≈ One

Dgc1808 said:

Perhaps it's my tv settings but HDR makes most games look worse. It's a Sony X800D 49 (XBR49X800D)

It's gotta be your settings. Perhaps you haven't turned on the allowance for Wide colour gamut or your contrast is too high/dynamic contrast. Your gamma can also throw it off drastically, I thought The Witcher 3 was broken with HDR until I went into ingame settings and reduced the gamma which I had set incredibly high on the OG ps4 at 1080p. My Lg auto changes to a list of presets I've costomised where I have all these values altered for testing along with some defaults when it detects HDR input. Low Gamma and low contrast are most important with Dynamic contrast and post processng settings turned off or to pow, also the HDMI cable can make a lotta difference, even a cheap HDMI 2.0/2.1 that supports HDR and 4k is infinitely better than the standard Ps4 cables. I've read of TV's that have HDR on the box too but aren't actually HDR, just contrast enhancing post processing. Perhaps Google you TV for HDR advice. 

Dgc1808 said:

Perhaps it's my tv settings but HDR makes most games look worse. It's a Sony X800D 49 (XBR49X800D)

It's not the best for HDR but it should certainly look better than without.
They do recommend a dark room for HDR viewing.

Hmm, Note that the 49" variation has an IPS panel, and so the contrast ratio is expected to be closer to 1000:1. That's pretty low. That might not be enough to get decent HDR.

Yea get back to me in 2022. I'm still having fun with my dumb tvs.

I've tried RTings setting and why were terrible for me.

The third to last post here https://community.playstation.com/content/pdc/us/en_US/pdc-communities/support/Consoles-Peripherals.topic.html/ps4_pro_hdr_issueso-WVef.html are producing good results for me right now in Uncharted Lost Legacy. Will try some other games later, the game's starting to get interesting.

4 ≈ One

HDR, 4K, Raytracing and 60fps..

Wonder how many of those options will devs be able to put together in a game for next gen..